Offline reading/archiving any Web content to PDFs is what PrintFriendly’s useful for. Just enter any URL, and it will take the main body content—the meat!—and generate a PDF for you to do with as you please.

It guesses and strips out ads and marginal stuff. It also lets you quickly go through a preview of the PDF it’s assembled before generating the PDF, so you can easily delete parts you don’t want included. Any links also remain active and clickable (such as those that appear at the bottom of each Toolbox post), which is smart and ideal for Web content, of course.

The generated PDFs won’t win any design awards, but who cares? 

This makes sense, of course, if you like reading PDFs. To each their own. I prefer to read Web content on my Kindle and use the free Send to Kindle tool, but I can see myself using PrintFriendly for archiving, and for sharing content easily with others (say, by email attachment).

NOTE: You can actually embed their tool and functionality on your site for free too, which your users may find pretty cool and convenient.

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