lets you send a lot of text (such as what’s in a huge text file) quickly and conveniently through the Web.

Sure, there are lots of ways to do that—email, email attachment, cloud storage, yada yada—but what’s appealing here is it’s quick and dirty. Basically copy and “paste” text up on the site, which then gives you a unique link that you can pass on to access and get it. That’ll come in handy on social media in particular, I’m thinking.

You don’t even need an account, although setting one up adds a few more features on top of the already smart set of basic ones it gives their anonymous “guests.”

Guest “pastes” are public by default (everyone who goes to the site can see them), unlisted (folks will need the unique link), or even password-protected. You will, however, need a free account if you want to edit and/or delete your pastes.

Easy to figure out and use, there’s really not much more to it.

Here’s a test paste I did if you’re curious: 1,000 words of the “Lorem ipsum…” dummy text that can be used for Web design and other mockups: Lorem Ipsum 1k

I used a guest account to paste that, so I guess it’ll be up there forever for anyone to use whenever they need it.

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