As a habitual note taker and list maker, both paper and digital, I can’t resist trying out every new-to-me note-taking software solution that pops up. I’m glad this one caught my attention; it’s quickly become one of my favorites!

Offline, although I love notebooks (reporter’s pads in particular), I’ve taken to using unruled 3×5 index cards, and Notabase is about the closest I’ve found to that “index card system” I like. Nothing looks like an index card on Notabase, mind you; it’s the simple and intuitive way it lets you move “notes” around, group and subgroup them, even automatically track references and relationships that may exist between cards that appeals (now that cool feature I don’t have on my paper index cards!).

Notabase itself is a service running its own open source code, with a Basic free option that has a 100 note maximum, a productively robust number in practice, frankly. Definitely worth trying out!

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