Nopsie Simple Polls

Some tasks don’t really require elaborate tools with a lot of bells and whistles to do. Like polling a small group of people—such as a team you work with, or select clients—for their opinions, preferences, or even availability and scheduling events. For that, Nopsie is quick-and-dirty great!

Incredibly easy to use and figure out, too. Enter a name/title for the poll, add the options, and when you’re done, it gives you a unique link for the poll. Share that link with the select group of folks you want to poll. And that’s it!

Your poll will ask participants for their names or some other identifier. It also gives anyone who drops by an up-to-date tally of how others have voted (and with the names, who voted for what), so Nopsie really isn’t designed for polling anything more than a small, intimate group of people who likely know each other. Like I said, team. 

It’s free. And even better: It’s totally clutter-free. No ads or any other distractions on the screen that can muck things up for the folks you send over. All they’ll really see is your poll. Here, see for yourself with the link below to the test poll I created:

NOTE: Polls are open for 2 weeks from creation to anyone who has the link, and will be totally deleted after 4.

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