Moodly Ambient Sounds

The work environment obviously affects focus and productivity. And what we hear while we work is part of that environment. This simple resource may come in handy for controlling and affecting that.

You’ve likely seen and even used tools like Moodly before—it plays ambient “background” sounds as you work. But I find Moodly’s simplicity of operation appealing. Just go to the site, choose the sound you want (just click on its button), and have it playing on a separate tab as you go about your business. Doesn’t even cost anything to use; it’s free.

Its sound selections work well I think—they’re non-distracting, to me at least. Which is why I don’t like having music playing, like some people do. The mostly nature sounds Moodly provides (rain, snow, forest, wind, etc.) are pretty much ignorable. But the sound you choose is definitely there, playing constantly in the background. You know, ambient.

Each sound button has its own volume control. You can even select multiple sounds to play simultaneously, adjusting each sound’s volume as you see fit, and create your own preferred mix.

It’s actually pretty cool if you think about it.

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