Full Screen for Google Tasks

If you regularly use one or more apps in the Google Workspace (like Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, etc.), you’ve probably already discovered Google Tasks, a nifty todo list creator and manager (great for lists in general, frankly). I find its simplicity and minimalistic approach quite appealing. And it’s very convenient… if you’re in the Google Workspace.

If you’re like me, you’re probably on your browser, and everywhere else besides the Google Workspace, much of the time. This free Chrome extension is an easy way to keep Google Tasks on hand wherever you are, with some additional features that make working with Tasks even better to boot!

After installing it and pinning it to your browser’s toolbar, Google Tasks will always just be a click away, appearing either in a tab (pinned to the far left, or as a new one at the end right) or a new window—you choose how you want it to behave in your settings. It uses its own simple UI design, which I actually prefer over the standard Workplace Tasks interface, and can do anything, and then some (like search through all your lists).

Bottom line is if you use Google Tasks and Chrome, I bet you’ll want to get and use this extension. You can thank me later.

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