Oldie. Must’ve been over a dozen years ago when I first tested Evernote for my old business ezine. Got no more than just an “It’s OK” from me then, and it likely had something to do with performance (we had way slower machines then), and more importantly, it didn’t let me do notes the way I wanted to do them, which is a lot of text and items and indented subitems and so on.

Well, in my seemingly endless search for a convenient notetaking app that does it the way I want, I decided to take a look at Evernote again, see why it’s still very popular this many years later.

I’m glad I did! Now, one of its options does notes exactly the way I want to do them. And its other options are giving me ideas for use as well. Their free level limits are very generous; I don’t see how I’ll be filling up the system anytime soon. I can even export notes to a format I can work with on other platforms. (Note that to export/backup notes, you’ll need to download and install the Windows or Mac desktop app, but it perfectly syncs up with their online Web system, which is what I mainly use.)

I moved my whole notetaking system over to Evernote over the weekend. No worries at all doing that; Evernote is a long established operation with a huge user base, so the risk that it will disappear suddenly and leave anyone hanging is slim to none.

Oh, it’s better suited for folks like me who like to write down a lot of text and info, so Evernote may be overkill if all you want to do is short notes, tiny lists, etc. Check it out and play with it anyway, I think it’s that good.

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