That dot in the title isn’t a typo; that’s this tool’s name. They actually go by “Edot G. G. Timer” on Twitter. It’s a subdomain, and the actual URL to the resource—add .com to the end of e.ggtimer, and there it is. Cute, clever, and absolutely memorable. Don’t worry that the moniker may signal technical complexity; complex it definitely is not.

From its name, most of you have already figured out it’s a countdown timer. Great for those spur of the moment tasks you want to time—I gave myself 10 minutes tops to write this post, for instance, and I’ve got E.ggTimer running on a separate tab (it even shows the time countdown on the tab itself). Simple!

Yeah, your computer or gadget likely already has a built-in timer somewhere, but you’re probably online and on a browser anyway, and I think it’s just so much easier and quicker to jump on over to E.ggTimer as needed.

With countdown timing now so freaking easy and convenient, you’ll likely figure out many different ways to incorporate it into what you do to help increase productivity. Check it out!

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