Featuritis is a common issue with software. That’s when there are increasingly so many features and functions, it becomes difficult. Not really an issue for seasoned users, but for noobs, or folks who use something so infrequently, they’re faced with relearning the basics whenever they need to go use it again.

Looking for a simple way to manage and communicate with your clients on jobs and projects? Heck, looking for a simple way to manage and communicate with your team? fits the bill well.

The free app lets you message each other on “boards” you create, keeping all those related messages in just one place, as opposed to, say, your likely cluttered email inbox. Anyone (like a client) can create an “issue” post, then some simple issue tracking functionality kicks in. There’s smart file sharing and calendar event features built-in too.

That’s it. Simple. If you can do chat messaging online, this is a piece of cake. And that’s the best part—it’s all fairly easy for anyone to figure out how to use quickly, not to mention it’s got all the functions you need to organize and keep on top of those projects. If you think about it, do you really need anything more?

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