Zencastr Podcast Recorder

I know I’m far from the ideal person to be giving any kind of recommendation for podcasting recorders. I’ve never done one. I don’t even listen to them. But in the unlikely event I do one, this will probably be the service I’ll be trying out first.

Wasn’t even looking for one; I just happened to come across a message thread in a small business forum where they were discussing producing podcasts, and Zencastr was mentioned and recommended by more than just a few of the participants. With that kind of social validation, that piqued my curiosity enough to check it out. 

Maybe someone reading this who actually has first-hand POD-creation experience with the tool can give us a better take on what it’s like to use Zencastr. All I can do really is regurgitate what I see on its site. It does look really attractive, however.

Zencastr is built to run right in your browser, so there’s no installing anything for you or your show’s “guests”—all you need to do is send them an invite link for them to click on. The service even trumpets that it’s so easy to use, there’s practically no learning curve.

Now here’s the part I care about: It’s got a free tier that lets you have up to four guests (counting you, the host, that’s five people), and lets you store unlimited audio recordings. Sounds good to me!

Try it out if you want to create podcasts, and if you remember, come on back and tell us what it’s like.

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