YTCanal YouTube Video Downloader

In case you were wondering if we’re permitted to download videos from YouTube, the answer is absolutely positively not! It’s in their terms of service—we technically need to get their explicit permission to do it. So whatever your reason for wanting to do it, that’s on you. The rest of us don’t need to know your whys. And this is the free tool to do it with.

There are a lot of sites out there that’ll let you download YouTube videos (just do a Google search). But they all seem to be pretty suspect. Many are filled with seedy ads. Some require you to download and install software. Many try to trick you into clicking on one of the ads, by the way their ads, buttons and links look and are worded.

No worries with YTCanal. As of this writing, I don’t see any ads at all, just a field where you enter the link to the video you want (click on the video’s Share link to get it), and detailed instructions underneath. Then click on the Search button for it to find and process the video for you to download.

You’ve even got a few options: you can download the MP4 format video in different resolutions. You can even download just the audio.

Clean, safe, simple and quick. And, of course, it works. Can’t really ask for anything more.

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