Voice Generator

Need to make a few voice audio recordings of some simple text scripts, maybe for a video or tutorial you’re putting together, but you just don’t like the way your voice sounds? Here’s a resource you can try out, and it costs nothing. Doesn’t even require registration.

It’s called the Voice Generator; no need to think too hard to figure out what it does. Enter or paste in some text, choose a voice, then press Play. If you like it, download an MP3 of it for use.  Or you can make a few minor adjustments (change the voice, pitch, and/or speed), and try again. And keep trying until you get it the way you want it.

It actually uses the synthesized voices that already come with your browser—Chrome in my case—so what voices are available to you will depend on your browser. For me, most of the voice choices are foreign accents; only the first couple have an American sound. It’s pretty cool and amusing, though, to try out the different accents.

Here are some test MP3s. Each is the same, short, “Welcome to Wordpreneur” message, but in a different accent. Enjoy!

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