Purrli Purr Generator

A cat’s purr is often described as one of the most soothing and calming environmental sounds around. But we don’t all have cats, so naturally, the Internet delivers!

An online cat purr generator, just visiting the Purrli site instantly gives you a purring kitty background sound. Just have it playing on one of your browser tabs.

There are a surprising number of options and controls you can play with to set that environmental purring just right (purr rate, variability, etc.). You’ll likely also want to be using headphones or external speakers—the low frequencies of a cat’s purr are difficult to make out on a laptop or mobile device’s tiny speakers.

Interestingly, if you do have an actual cat, Purrli seems to soothe and calm them too (and they react to Purrli’s occasional meowing). You’ll need external speakers for that, though; I seriously doubt your kitty’s going to like wearing headphones or earbuds.

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