Notepad for On-the-Fly Notes

This isn’t the Microsoft Notepad application you’re likely already familiar with if you’re a Windows user, what with that little workhorse plain text editor being included with every Windows release since the very beginning. This Notepad you’re reading about now is just a very convenient little app that you can access online or call up from your device (you can download and install it) for writing whatever. I am, in fact, using it right now to write this post and put it through its paces.

Besides the obvious possible confusion with the name, I feel calling it Scratchpad would be much better, since its design, behavior, and utility for us fit that name much better. It’s a small footprint, minimalist tool, after all, meant to be conveniently accessible for jotting down notes on the fly. That’s it.

That means if you’re looking for something that’ll let you use styled text, and to handle writing projects, this isn’t it. But for jotting down those normal and common little notes, lists, ideas, links, etc., we do regularly, this is great.

It uses your device’s local storage, for one thing, even if you’re using it online (so privacy isn’t a concern). By doing so, it keeps whatever you’ve jotted down in memory, so to speak. Quit and close the app, then open it again, and your notes are still right there. Like I said, scratchpad.

But, as we all know, shit happens. I suggest—and they recommend—you get into the habit of saving your notes manually to your device (CTRL+S does the trick in Windows), just in case. It’ll just be a plain text file that can be opened by pretty much everything out there; heck, you can drag-and-drop it to your browser.

Interestingly, Notepad does not open and load files from your computer’s storage. At least I haven’t figured out how, if that functionality’s in there. Not a problem, since copy-and-paste works perfectly fine if I want to use it to work on whatever’s in a text file. Again, like I said, scratchpad.

Too simplistic to be useful? That’s up to you. I’ve actually got it installed and have been using it for a few days, and it’s proven incredibly conveniently useful, always just a simple click away. Like a handy scratchpad.

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