Video is obviously a major communications tool on the Net now, so wordpreneurs best get their videography game up to speed. For us old schoolers who distinctly remember what doing videos was like back in the day—not to mention the meh results from all that effort and expense—today’s video tech is simply amazing. If you find current video tech intimidating enough to dive into for your wordpreneur needs, however, not to worry, really cool tools like Loom make it easy!

In particular, Loom makes it really easy to capture activity on your computer screen, and record your voice (or even you) as you go through the motions, in real time. So I’m thinking tutorials, which is what I’m interested in, but obviously it can be used for a heck of a lot more.

But what’s really intriguing is that Loom is actually designed with a “team communications tool” mindset. So, instead of forcing everyone into yet another scheduled Zoom meeting, capture and post vids for your team members to view and act upon at their convenience. And your vids will be right there for reference and documentation! That’s why I also have Loom categorized as a Productivity tool.

Frankly, I hate meetings. I think Loom is a killer alternative for those of you who share that sentiment.

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