Irchiver Personal Web Archive

They call it a personal Web archiver; I call it one heck of an ultra-convenient research tool for writers and wordpreneurs.

Irchiver is software that captures a browsing session—all of it—to your computer’s storage. It automatically takes screen shots of everything you saw on the Web during that session, and even saves the text, letting you perform full-text searches after.

So, you can conceivably do research on any topic, follow any links that lead you anywhere and everywhere, and not be bothered with slowing down and pausing to take notes, etc., as you progress rapidly through the work session, just as you would normally when just futzing around on the Web.

When you’re done and feel like you’ve got all you need, just go through everything Irchiver has captured, and pull out and go over the stuff you want. Unless you’ve got the memory of a jellyfish, you can imagine how much time and effort this will save you, not to mention how it will likely improve your research as you browse naturally at a comfortable, uninterrupted clip.

The software is built for Windows, but for you Mac users, the developer says you can conceivably use a browser extension that mirrors a Windows machine. Speaking of browsers, it’s been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and Opera. It’s free too!

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