Hunter Email Address Finder

I’m actually not half-bad at finding email addresses for websites and people I want addresses for. Not that I’m always successful at it, but there are quite a number of ways to dig that info up from free publicly accessible info sources that many just aren’t aware of. And through observation and experience over the years, one also tends to amass a neat little mental toolbox of legit “tricks” to try.

Another thing experience teaches you: When a resource that claims it can help with email searches, you bookmark the thing just in case. I don’t really know how long I’ve had Hunter in my browser’s bookmarks, but I just stumbled on it again recently, so decided to take a closer look.

It basically does three types of searches: by domain (find an email for a website), by person+domain (enter a full name and a domain, and it’ll try to dig up a verified email addy) and—this one’s intriguing—by article author (give it a link to an article published online, it’ll attempt to give you the author’s email). It also has an email verification feature (enter an email address, it tells you whether it’s an actual address in use or not), which looks like it’ll come in really handy.

I frankly didn’t realize Hunter had a free option, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it does: up to 25 free searches and 50 verifications monthly. If any search/verification attempts do not succeed, they don’t count either, which is a nice touch.

Now for my test results: Like everything else, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Even the verifications; I tested some email addresses I know for a fact are being used, but Hunter couldn’t verify any of them. Same goes for the article author thing; the bigger the media outlet, the better the chance Hunter will find an email address (or guess one, using the outlet’s typical formula for assigning emails), but no joy on many articles on sites I thought would be big enough. And one very important thing to note: Hunter isn’t really designed to work with webmail searches, like Gmail email addresses.

Regardless, just like any other email search tool you may come across out there, it’s definitely worth adding to your wordpreneur toolbox—it may just deliver when other methods fail you, you never really know.

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