Flowful Ambient Music for Flow State

The Zone. That’s what those of us who do (or in my case, did) a lot of competitive sports call that weird state of mind, I guess is how you can describe it, where everything you do just works.

It’s rare, and the psyches say it’s intense focus. All I know is, the most points I scored in a basketball tournament (36 points, no 3-point line) was while playing in the Zone—everything I threw up just went in, and they kept double-teaming and pushing me further and further back. Like I said, weird.

Now they call the Zone a flow state, and it apparently manifests itself in pretty much any activity, not just sports. Like when you’re working, studying, writing. One theory is that playing the right ambient music while doing a task can help you reach a flow state. That’s where Flowful comes into play.

Flowful plays ambient music meant to help you get to a flow state, whatever you’re doing. Free and no signups needed. Tested it on my laptop; just visited the site, clicked on the Play button, then moved off to another tab to work on whatever, with that Flowful music continuing to play in the background.

Does it work? Well, that’s a personal thing, and I never had any problems focusing before Flowful, so heck if I know. All I can really tell you is it’s non-distracting—I pay no attention to it—and probably even soothing. Just go visit the site and find out for yourself.

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