Excel Formula AI Bot

Excel is, of course, a powerful spreadsheet app. An obviously vital tool for every wordpreneur. The problem with it is that people usually get stumped trying to figure out the formulas they need to enter into a cell to get the output they want.

If that’s an issue you typically face when trying to wrestle with Excel, here’s a free tool that will seriously brighten your day.

Type in the task you want done in plain English (or as plain as you can get it), and the Excel Formula AI Bot will try to figure out what the heck you’re talking about, and spit out a formula you can try. And it’s often right!

Enter something like this, for example:

“Calculate the sum of column B when column A contains the word traffic”

And from the bot you’ll get:


It works!

You use Google Sheets, you say? So do I. And not an issue—Google Sheets supports Excel formulas. Have fun!

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