Email Veritas Free URL Checker

Exploring the Net for cool, useful tools and resources, I regularly find myself in unfamiliar places. With a slight nod towards caution against visiting malicious destinations, I’ve long gotten into the habit of first taking a look at the actual URL I plan to visit, particularly those visibly hidden by click here links and buttons, as a quick-and-dirty exercise to minimize risk a tad.

Frankly, some of those links look just way too wonky to trust—yeah, it’s profiling, so sue me. But whenever I encounter one of those strange-looking ones, I take a little extra step to test it. That’s where this free Email Veritas tool comes into play.

It’s a URL scanner and website checker. Enter a URL (just the domain will usually do), and it checks it out, and fairly quickly too. It then tells you if it thinks the link is malicious/unsafe or not.

Still use your head and your gut feel, however. It’s a constant arms race between good and bad in this game, and there is no tool or resource out there that can guarantee anything. Take care!

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