Disposable Email Addresses

Just about everywhere you go online, they want you to “sign up,” “join” or “subscribe” with your email address. Not an issue if you really do want whatever you’ll be getting from them, but I bet more often than not, you just want that freebie ebook or whatever download they’re giving away in exchange for that address of yours.

You could, of course, always give your legit email address, and just unsubscribe later on if you want to, which is something I often do. Problem is, they don’t always play nice—that I get spammed consistently is an understatement. Even if you do unsubscribe, they now have your email address in their records; do you really think the shady won’t be doing anything with it?

Here’s an easy way to deal with it if you choose: disposable email addresses. Quick and easy ones. Services just generate temporary unique email addresses you can use for those signups, and they’re alive just long enough for you to get that “confirmation email” to complete the transaction. Then forget about it forever and ever. Simple!

Here are three different free services for those throwaway disposable emails. Note that Internet marketers are privy to their use, and have blocks in place. They usually do it by domain names, and the services regularly update their domain selections. It’s an ongoing battle. Point is, you’ll want to have these three bookmarked just in case.

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