DinoPass Password Generator

I’ve long known about DinoPass, although considering who it’s meant for, I don’t really remember why I know about it. I likely came across it when my kids were younger, when I built them little WordPress websites to play with, and wanted to give them easy to remember, preferably amusing, passwords to use.

That’s what DinoPass is for, to generate simple passwords for kids to use. Each is usually a combination of two simple words and a trailing 2-digit number. It has a strong password option; although still based on the two words + number thing, it adds capitalization and replaces some letters with special characters/numbers, such as:


Not too bad at all. Top notch security? Heck no. But decent. Here are the reasons why I mention this free resource:

  • Who the heck can forget the name dinopass? Need to generate a quick-and-dirty and fairly useful password in a pinch? Here you go.
  • Its simple mode passwords are likely easy to remember without writing down, good for temporary use on the fly for changing later.
  • And this is what I like it for: DinoPass is great for generating a bunch of decent but simple passwords for password-protected website resources and assets that I don’t really care to protect that much.

On that last bit, I’m talking about stuff like marketing and promotional premiums and incentives, for example, where you want things easy and simple for your prospects. Such as, say, for getting folks to signup for your mailing list, and you just don’t want to bother with a gee whiz fully automated tech solution (or you’re just not knowledgeable enough to implement one). Just send them a DinoPass-generated password in an acknowledgment email after signup. Done!

Yeah, the password can be passed around to others. But heck, plan for it and structure the “protected” giveaway so that it’s beneficial for you if the password does get passed around and brings others in! Food for thought, huh?

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