Deep Focus Music

This is totally and absolutely a personal preference. Just thought I’d share it for those among you who may have similar tastes and work styles.

I’ve never been one to care whether there’s ambient music where I work. I usually manage to focus and block out whatever music’s playing in the background somewhere. Not even irritating, noisy ones. If anything, I find music I like to be a distraction; that can occasionally grab my attention.

In any case, I typically just keep things quiet around me. For whatever reason, however, sometimes I do want ambient music playing. Nothing distracting, for obvious reasons, but something.

Enter YouTube. It’s got who knows how many “videos” of music collections and compilations that revolve around specific themes, in this case, ambient music for work. I put “videos” in quotes, because although they’re technically vids, they’re meant to be listened to, not viewed. Click on Play and move away from (not close) its browser tab—instant background music on your computer.

For that purpose, this one has been my favorite, a full 12 hours of piano compositions of “Deep Focus Music to Improve Concentration.” I find it beautiful, soothing, and most importantly, non-distracting. There’s a lot more collections from this performer on YouTube too that I just haven’t had the chance to explore, and other similarly-themed collections by other performers as well if this isn’t quite to your liking.

The usual link button’s at the bottom, but here, I’ll embed the vid in this post. No need to venture off to YouTubeland if you don’t feel like it; just play it right here, and switch tabs, keeping it playing in the background.

Deep Focus Music to Improve Concentration

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