Here’s an amusing simple resource. To many of us, it’ll be a bookmark item to have on hand just in case, but definitely for some burdened with the specific problem it solves, I imagine it’s a godsend.

The problem? Online meetings, conference calls, etc. Time wasters, I call them. They often drag on for way longer than whatever it is you’re supposed to be discussing… unless you can figure out a way to get out of them while in session, elegantly and believably. Callbreaker aims to help with that.

It’s a collection of sounds. Familiar sounds. Basically instantly playable audio of the various standard call alerts and message notifications of the popular Internet communications services out there most everyone will recognize. Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram… and lots more. Whatever you think will work best for you, it’s probably got it. You can even record unique, custom ones.

Just open up the site on a separate tab, choose the service audio you want (call or message), click on the play button, and whoever’s on your live connection will hear it too.

“So sorry, I have to take this.”

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