Boxentriq Classic Ciphers

Boxentriq is full of useful little tools, some of which I’ll probably explore further for the Toolbox later on, but what immediately caught my attention is conveniently up top when you drop by the site: a collection of classic ciphers.

Cryptography tools. These are for encoding text messages into undecipherable secret ones, and decoding them so they aren’t secret anymore. There are 24 here, and being “classic,” they’re likely not too difficult to recognize and crack today, so I wouldn’t use them for super duper top secret stuff. But for stories and other creative uses, I think we can have a lot of fun with these, not to mention make those tales a bit more authentic!

Let’s just do a simple example and test. Here’s a short encoded message:

Guvf vf gur Jbeqcerarhe frperg zrffntr. Pbby, uhu?

I used the very simple and fairly well known ROT13 cipher you’ll find at the site. Just go to Boxentriq’s ROT13 cipher tool, then copy-and-paste the above to decode the message.

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