Best Time To Tweet

If engaging with your followers on social media is your objective for posting—as it probably should be—then know that merely posting is probably not good enough. Nor is a high frequency of posts. You’ll want to figure out the best time to post, that small window when the bulk of your followers are active online to actually see your post before it inevitably gets pushed aside and supplanted by the succeeding posts of other people they follow as well. Not hard to figure out that if your followers don’t see your posts, they obviously aren’t going to engage you.

This ergo means that social media posts have a very limited engagement lifespan. How long will differ from platform to platform, but this much we do know for sure: the platform with the shortest post lifespan is Twitter. How short? Eighteen minutes. You read that right—your tweet has an 18-minute lifespan.

Which begs the question, then: What’s the best time for you to tweet to maximize the likelihood your followers will see your tweet?

There are articles out there that talk about the best times for tweeting this and that, yada yada. All well and good, and worth reading up on if you’re so inclined, but I prefer the approach this free Best Time To Tweet resource takes: it analyzes your existing followers.

And there’s not much to it, either. Drop by the site, and from there, log in to your Twitter account, which will give the tool access to your follower data. It will then tell you the times of the day when your followers are the most active (when they’re liking, replying and retweeting the most).

No need to guess, the data’s right there in front of you. Is that cool or what?

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