Top Websites

When you need to see which websites are tops in the world by traffic count, this regularly updated free resource from the folks at Semrush (a provider of powerful keyword research, online metrics, etc., tools and data for marketers) is my go to destination.

“Top websites of what?” Of the world. Or a country. And even by category. Not only does it give you the Top 20 sites and their traffic counts, it tells you the average number of pages/visit and the bounce rate, data I find intriguing.

Besides being useful as a source for stuff I may be writing, I often find it idea-stimulating informative, especially when I check out the category rankings and see what sites folks are using. I visit the country rankings too, not only to see what their people are into, I sometimes discover sites that have no similar counterpart in the U.S. Hmmm.

Definitely a must-bookmark.

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