You’ve likely seen the acronym TLDR—or TL;DR—before. That stands for too long; didn’t read, often seen in forum replies to long-winded, meandering posts that just don’t get to the point. Like many Toolbox posts, I guess (haha)… and legal software licenses.

TLDRLegal summarizes the wide range of common software licenses we encounter out there, and explains them in plain English.

All well and good, you say, but so what? Well, there’s a ton of free software and code out there typically referred to as “open source,” all distributed under various software licenses (e.g., Apache-2.0, GPL-3, CC-0, etc.), many allowing you to use the code for your own projects under specific restrictions. Got that? Some of that free code can be used in your own commercial products, provided you adhere to the license requirements and restrictions. Smells like an opportunity to my wordpreneur nose.

But detailed license legalese can be difficult to wade through, and is often mind-numbingly boring to boot. That’s where TLDRLegal comes to the rescue. If you come across some software and code that seems perfect for a product you have in mind, and you want to know what its license allows and requires of you to do so, just drop by TLDRLegal. It’ll lay it all out and explain it to you simply.


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