International Catalogue of Superheroes

This website’s title can’t get any clearer about what you’ll find there: a catalog of superheroes. But we’re not talking about the usual American Marvel and DC Comics superheroes we all already know and are quite familiar with; it’s a database of superheroes from around the world, published and known in their countries, but chances are, not to most of the rest of us. Through this site, we can now learn all about them.

The site isn’t going to win any design awards—it’s actually a trip down memory lane, bringing us way back to the very early days of website design. But that also means it’s fairly easy to use and navigate without any bells and whistles to figure out and wrestle with. Nothing to really keep you away from its information.

And that information is gold! A rich source of ideas for your own stories and characters, the info you’ll find on the site is surprisingly detailed and comprehensive, and provides external links for further reading if available. Although many characters are heavily influenced by the American approach to superheroes, that doesn’t mean they all are. You’ll probably be fascinated to explore how different cultures treat the superhero concept.

Frankly, if you’re even just a little bit interested in the subject matter, the site is a rabbit hole that will likely hold your attention in its grasp for way more time than you originally planned. You’ve been warned!

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