InsightHack Tech Market Research

This resource is fairly new, but already it’s quite useful, and as you can see, promises to continue growing into one incredible resource for wordpreneurs.

What is InsightHack? Their short description describes the site well and quickly: “Searchable databases of technological topics and datasets: companies, patents, science, influencers, trends, case studies and use cases. Unlimited usage for registered users.”

You know, B2B market research stuff of companies in various tech spaces.

Browsing through its already huge list of available topics, for instance, I zeroed in on Entrepreneurial Education. It spat out links to 118 companies and organizations, and other data. Clicking on one of the companies gave me more info about it, including links to its website, LinkedIn account, and email (if available).

I’m surprised this valuable resource is free, but I’m not dumb enough to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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