Every cloud has a silver lining, and apparently, this resource is one of those shiny metallic thingies from the COVID cloud. The folks behind ImportYeti turned downtime from the pandemic into time to build this incredibly useful free database/search engine for everyone’s benefit.

All goods legally imported into the US passes through Customs, and each shipment requires a legal document called a Bill of Lading with details on items being shipped, and all the companies involved in the shipment, from the source to its ultimate recipient. This doc is public information. ImportYeti organizes this info, and makes it accessible and searchable to all of us.

This means, using ImportYeti’s already-familiar-to-everyone search engine interface, we can do things like figure out a company’s (or competitor’s <wink wink>):

  • suppliers
  • total imports
  • best selling imported products (by volume/frequency of imports, of course)

… and way more, no doubt. Just have to use our heads to extract the info we want from the invaluable data ImportYeti now makes very easily available to us. All they’re asking for is a “cup of coffee” donation to help keep ImportYeti free. Worth it? Heck yeah.

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