IAB Standard Ad Size Specifications for Online Advertising

The IAB is the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the American online advertising industry’s standards organization that, for our purposes in this particular post, tells us what the standard online ad sizes are.

One common one that has been around for quite some time, for instance, and you’re likely very familiar with, is the “Leaderboard,” a horizontal banner that is 728×90 pixels in size. 

Time does come into play, because these standards change as Net technology, and the devices we use with it, evolve. For example, no such thing as mobile ads way back when. Now, there are standard banner ad dimensions specifically for mobile devices.

By the same token, many ad sizes we used a lot in the early days are no longer considered standard or seen much. Like the “micro button,” which is 88×31 in size, a weird size specification I know by heart. Those micro buttons used to be all over the place back then.

What we have here in this post is not really a tool but an info resource that you’ll likely want to have handy. It’s the IAB’s current collection of Fixed Size Ad Specifications, listed in the PDF linked to by the button below. Can’t really get to it easily from the IAB website’s home, so I decided to post the direct link to the PDF here for your use. You may want to both download and bookmark it.

But why? At least a couple of reasons for typical wordpreneurs:

  • If you’re going to be running ads on your website, plan your layouts around these ads and dimensions. These are the ad formats advertisers will likely already have.
  • And, of course, you’ll want to know what ad formats to prep and have ready for your own marketing and promotion needs.

There are indeed more ad formats and size specs in use out there, but most of what you’ll encounter and will be working with will be in this IAB document. You’ll be covering a lot of bases familiarizing yourself with it and using it as a guideline.

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