Hive Index of Online Communities

You’ve got a target market for whatever it is you’re marketing, which begs the question: Where is your target market online?

The Hive Index, a directory of special interest online communities and forums on the Net, is a good place to start.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Hive Index’s home page, and you’ll see the latest stats on what you’ll find there: as of this writing, there are 1,343 communities in its database. Frequently updated? Since it indicates it was last updated just yesterday, I would say so.

Before you go off and have fun over there, one important tip: avoid just trekking off to these communities and immediately start promoting. Seriously. They’ll hate your guts, if not ban you from participation outright. Make yourself useful/helpful to the community first. Be a bud, in other words. Which takes time and effort. Too much trouble? Stick to paying for advertising.

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