Galaxi Idea Notebook via SMS

You probably know I get tons of ideas constantly on whatever. As someone who also takes copious notes, my old school notebooks, smartphone, PCs and cloud drives are peppered with these ideas, most likely to be forgotten unless I happen to stumble upon them again at some point down the road.

I think Galaxi greatly improves on that random, luck-based system. And very conveniently too!

It’s an SMS service. It lets you text an idea you get to a phone number it provides—no registration needed (it gets your number with the text, right?). After a couple of days or so, it sends you a text, asking you to rank the idea, on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (amazing).

That’s it. Not only does it remind you of the idea after giving it just enough time to simmer, by ranking it, you can then text and ask Galaxi for your best ideas. Although I don’t see a command that lets you retrieve all your ideas, you can have Galaxi search through your ideas by keyword, so it can essentially serve as an always handy idea notebook of sorts; why would you want to retrieve your crappy ideas anyway?

I think it’s damn cool. And it’s free. For now at least, being so brand new. Check it out!

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