Cover Your Tracks

You likely know that by default, your browser sends out a lot of information about you to all the various sites you visit and whatever third-party services may be running on them (such as advertisers). Not necessarily uniquely personal info like your name and contact info, but unique nevertheless. Unique enough, in fact, they call it fingerprinting. This means that tracking and other tech can keep tabs on whatever you and that particular computer/browser of yours do online.

What kind of info? Here, let Cover Your Tracks tell you. Drop by this subsite of the EFF (the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and let it test what you’re using. Surprisingly quickly, it will spit out all the data it’s picked up about you, your browser, and your online fingerprint. You may be surprised about what it can tell and track about you.

Its detailed report will tell you just about everything you’ll want to know about your unique visibility online, including tips on how to “cover your tracks,” if you’re so inclined. Me, I’m more curious about what kind of data they may want to track and collect and what they use it for, but to each their own. Whatever your objective, Cover Your Tracks is a brilliant place to start.

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