CIA World Factbook

Yes, we’re talking about that CIA. The US Central Intelligence Agency. And on its website it gives us an incredibly rich resource filled with the agency’s “basic intelligence” on 266 countries (they like to call them “world entities”).

Want facts on a country’s people, history, government, economy? Check. And there are a heck of a lot more categories, images, PDFs, maps, etc.

Here, let’s dig up something on Ukraine we (at least I) didn’t know, mainly because we just never thought about it. Did you know that Ukraine is a transit country for illicit drug traffic into the EU because of its location, ports, river routes, and porous eastern and southern borders? South American cocaine moves through it. Moved, at least. Thinking out loud and speculating (since heck if the media’s talking about it), the war likely has forced drug traffic around the country and muscled its way through other channels. If you’re a storyteller, that may be a good catalyst for some interesting plots.

Good stuff!

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