Watermark Remover

Removing watermarks from images is clearly a no-no, but I can think up a number of legit reasons why we may want to do it (and legally). Totally up to you to decide whether your use of this tool is within permissible territory or not.

Regardless, this is an amazing tool! As its name says, it removes watermarks from images. That you barely need to do anything besides upload the watermarked image for it to do its thing just makes it even more incredible. It uses AI to figure out what the watermarks are, you see, and what should appear in their place when they’re removed, requiring no input from you at all.

Results will vary, but more often than not, it actually does the job! I tried it out with a number of different test images, complex photographs at that, with different styles of watermarks we commonly see. Although it didn’t work with all of them, it sure did succeed with more than enough to make this a very worthwhile addition to your Wordpreneur toolbox.

I’m not posting any test images to accompany this post. I ran tests on commercial stock photo images, and I’m not about to share the cleaned up results. But nothing’s stopping you from doing your own tests—Watermark Remover is totally free, no registration even required!

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