UI Filler Design Placeholders

It’s amazing how something so simple in concept and execution can be so incredibly useful. At least to those of us who regularly do Web and blog designs and layouts, or pretty much any visual or graphic designing.

“Filler” is what we call all that fake stuff we put in designs and layouts, to fill up the spaces and to help better visualize the design in action. Dummy text, sample photographs and logos, etc. Much better than those boxes with huge X’s in them. That’s what the “Filler” in UI Filler represents—it’s a one-stop resource where you can get all the filler material you need for your work-in-progress designs.

It’s basically just a single webpage with a small collection of content boxes (metaphorical index cards to me). Each offers different types of fake/sample content for use as filler: Lorem Ipsum dummy text, photographs, backgrounds, text fields in various standard formats, logos, etc. You see something you want to use, click on that card’s Copy (into your computer’s clipboard it goes for pasting and use in your design work) or Download link.

All the filler content’s totally random; you don’t get a say, so you really won’t need to think too hard nor can you possibly screw this up. But if you want different filler content than what you can see on the card, click on its Shuffle link for new random filler content. Say you want a filler portrait of a female, but there’s a man’s photograph on the card. Well, just keep clicking the card’s Shuffle link until a woman’s picture pops up.

Like I said, simple. But for those of us who do a lot of design work, this sure is one conveniently useful tool!

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