Tweetlet Graphic Generator

You’re a Twitter user. You tweeted something in typical plain text that you want to share on your other social media accounts and your blog. But it’s not as easy, as you discovered, not unless all you want to do is share a link to the tweet.

Tweetlet gives you a more graphic and attractive alternative to just sharing the link. Find a tweet you want to share—yours or anybody’s—and copy its URL. Enter it in Tweetlet, and it will give you a nice shareable image.

It’s not really a screen capture; it grabs the tweet and formats it. You can do a few very simple adjustments, like change the background color, change dimensions, toggle between “Tweet” and “Quote” styles, etc. Just click on the formatting options beneath the image and play with them, not difficult at all. When you’re satisfied, just download it to your device for sharing (in PNG). That’s it!

Note that besides tweets, you can also have Tweetlet generate nicely formatted shareable graphics of images, custom text, and even programming code. Have fun!

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