Text Generator for Dummy Text

Just having a bit of extra fun this Friday with this simple, light-hearted and yet still definitely wordpreneur-useful tool.

It serves the same purpose as Lorem Ipsum does, spit out what I like to call dummy text (aka placeholder text, greek text) for those page layouts and design concepts we often like to fiddle with. They’re just better visually when populated with text, of course.

It doesn’t have all of Lorem’s options. We can only specify the number of paragraphs to generate, maxing out at 5. Doing some tests and counts, its 5 paragraphs is about 220-270 words, or approximately the word count on a printed book page.

What differentiates it is that the text it pumps out is in English, unlike Lorem’s Latin that’s gobbledygook to most of us. And it’s also often strange, unexpected and funny! I think so, anyway. It just makes those mockups a bit more interesting.

Its creator claims the text generator uses “the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technology,” which I don’t know enough about to confirm. But I have no reason to doubt it, either, considering the chess game elsewhere on its site that plays a pretty mean game, despite it being written with no more than just 1K of JavaScript code!

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