QR Code Generator for Authors

Although it bills itself as “for Authors,” anyone can use this nifty tool for producing what it was created to generate: an image of a QR code with an image in the middle that’ll give folks an idea what the code’s for.

If you’re playing tech catch-up, a QR code is functionally something like a barcode. It’s actually a link. Your smartphone with its camera likely already has a small app that’ll let you scan (photograph) a QR code, which will then launch your phone’s Web browser and take you to the link destination. Try it on the test image below if you want.

This tool lets you enter a destination URL and upload an image (e.g., book cover), and it gives you a QR code graphic you can use wherever.

It does recommend that the image you upload be a square one, 300×300 pixels. Since the probability of any of us having book covers that are perfectly square are close to zero, I wanted to test and see what it would do with a normally proportioned book cover image. You can see it below. And yes, that thing is live, and it works! (Click on it to see it on a separate tab in its full 450×450 size.)

By the way, this QR code leads to the Amazon page of the current #1 bestselling business book on Amazon, The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of the Blockbuster Novel, by Jodie Archer.

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