Pie Chart Maker

I find that for a lot of wordpreneur tasks, more often than not I like to tap the simple, single-specific-task tools instead of their typically more powerful do-it-all brethren. Here’s one of those simple, easy, quick and professional tools for doing pie charts.

If the site looks and feels somewhat familiar to you, here’s why: It’s from the same developers who gave us the Line Graph Maker. Same principle at work here, but instead of pumping out good-looking line graphs, we can do pie charts.

And it’s just as easy and quick to work with. Fill out the form fields, and you can see your pie chart coming together beneath (you’ll probably need to scroll down).

Here’s a PNG I downloaded of a test pie chart I did, but with actual data from the regularly updated Amazon Kindle Best Sellers list, of the genres represented. I only did the top 10 (because test), but maybe you’ll already see a certain trend.

Click on it to see the larger, actual image (separate tab). I also did the pie chart in 3D (instead of flat), just for kicks and giggles.

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