Photoroom Remove Unwanted Objects

Like, this PhotoRoom tool removes objects from photos, while somehow keeping other objects in the image intact (even the ones that may be visually touching the object to be removed), and managing to reconstruct the image’s background in some visually acceptable way.

It’s always a good idea to bookmark a few of these tools that perform similar functions. Sometimes one does a much better job with certain images than the other, and vice-versa. For object removal, that those differences are often manifested in the way the tool reconstructs the formerly unseen backgrounds.

In any case, add this PhotoRoom tool to your bookmarks. It works easily and well; my tests didn’t even take very long to do, after finding a suitable image (one with a fairly simple background with just enough complexity to see how the tool handles it).

For this example, let’s pretend I’m doing an article on 70s fashion, and want to use this 1974 JC Penney catalog image. But I want to remove the two dudes on the right, so I can add and integrate some descriptive copy into that space. I think it did quite a commendable job, particularly in recreating a somewhat believable background. The best part is that it took me only a few short minutes to do!

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