Palette AI Colorizer

Turning color images into black-and-whites is easy and quick, but doing it the other way around is obviously a manual, time-consuming process. Typically, anyway. Palette begs to differ, and is probably one of the resources you’ll see around here that will actually make you go, “Wow!”

Palette uses AI to colorize black-and-white images. And dang if it doesn’t do exactly that… and quick too! Just drop by the site, upload the grayscale image to color, and that’s about all the preliminary work you need to do. Its AI analyzes the image, and basically guesses what colors will likely work well. It lets you choose which of its many color/lighting filter schemes produces the results you desire, and that’s easy enough to do—just try them out.

I had fun creating the colorized test images below. They’re both public domain photos from the Library of Congress. The colorized results are from the default “base palette.” The first one, of the farm boy and his cow, was taken around 1925-30. The second, of U.S. tennis great Althea Gibson (who won five Grand Slam singles titles in the 50s) coaching high school students at a tennis clinic, I chose for a very specific reason: I wanted to see how the Palette AI would handle the skin tones with two different races in the same black-and-white image.

Although I can see a few problem areas that will need a bit of fixing and spot coloring, the bulk of the work is done. As far as Palette is concerned, color me impressed!

palette fm test 1 orig
palette fm test 2 orig
palette fm test 1 color
palette fm test 2 color
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