Numerology Colors Generator

Choosing a color theme and combinations for your designs (websites, book covers, branding, etc.) can be confusing, even stressful, particularly if you’re a non-designer. There are sites out there, like Color Hunt, that give you a decent selection of color palettes to choose from, but you have to decide and start with some base color(s) and their seemingly endless shades and variations, and go through one palette after another that all look practically equally attractive. No surprise why many simply go with their favorite color.

Well, here’s one possible starting point I bet never crossed your mind: numerology. In simplest and undoubtedly inadequate terms, numerology is the study of numbers in life. Everything can be associated with meaningful numbers. Including words and names.

My friend Will Bontrager is a numerology hobbyist. He also happens to be an exceedingly skilled computer programmer. And he created this tool that will generate a palette of colors from numerology calculations based on text or dates you enter.

To test it, I entered wordpreneur. Here’s what it generated:

Neat! That’s a lot of colors though, so I tried something shorter: write.

The gradient effect gives us a nice peripheral visual impression of the color combination. But for our purposes, you can probably see a slight problem: it’s difficult as heck to figure out the exact base colors in the image.

Not to worry; I have a workaround. I think you can figure out that the colors are based on each individual letter/character. So, just enter and generate a color for each individual letter. Try it out, and you’ll see the colors generated for w, r, i, t, and e match the palette above.

With the colors isolated, we can easily figure out the color’s RGB and HEX values for our designs. On second thought, I use a feature built into the graphics software I use to get those specs, and it occurs to me that many of you won’t have that kind of tool. So, I’m making a mental note to go searching for one that you can use, and I’ll feature it in the Toolbox soon (stay tuned!). [NOTE: And here it is, the Image Color Picker.]

There you go, a unique and interesting way to come up with meaningful base palette colors for your designs. Have fun!

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