Mockupea 3D Book Mockup Generator

If all you’ve got is a standard flat 2D cover image, and you want to create a mockup graphic showing your publication (book, ebook, report, etc.) as a 3D book, Mockupea is a good, free way to do it. No signups needed either; just go to the site and get right to it.

It’s not quite push-button simple, but with some low-level basic knowledge, its intuitive and nicely done interface makes it fairly easy to figure out. Took me about 10 minutes, if that, to produce the example below, for instance. There are options, but they’re pretty much self-explanatory—I definitely didn’t read any instructions or help screens to get the sample done. All I started with was the flat cover image on my hard drive of that book you see (an actual title for sale, currently #1 for the Kindle on Amazon), and used Mockupea to pump out that 3D book image.

When done, just save a PNG or JPG of the work to your computer. Note that the exported graphic is huge (2732×1592) and has a lot of whitespace around the actual image, but a quick trip to ILoveIMG, and I had it cropped and resized as I saw fit (click on the thumbnails to see the actual images on a separate tab).

Note that it doesn’t look like there’s a way to save and reload a work-in-progress. Best write down the custom specifications of a 3D mockup design of yours you like, so you can easily just recreate it later if needed.

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