Minimal Gallery Web Design Inspiration

If you’ve been around the Web as long as I have, you’ll remember how much Web design has evolved through the decades. How long have I been on the Web? I remember when we were all abuzz about this just-introduced Internet tech called the “World Wide Web” which supposedly blew away Gopher and Usenet and all the other plain text Net tools we were using, that’s how long.

But I digress. Point is, despite Web design’s evolution and trends, I always find myself attracted to and relying upon minimalist designs for my own projects. They’re just hands-down way better suited for info- and text-heavy sites—you know, the kind of websites wordpreneurs like to futz around with.

Now I’ve come across an incredible online resource full of minimalist Web design inspiration: the Minimal Gallery. It’s basically a growing collection of hand-picked real-world websites that use minimalist Web design principles. So, not only can we see how pretty things look, since they’re live sites in use, we can actually see and experience how functional the designs are (or not) doing real world work.

Be careful, though, if these kinds of design inspiration sites appeal to you like they do me, or you’ll likely find yourself spending way more time than you intended meandering through all its content.

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