What I don’t see mentioned often about memes—and also happens to be what I really like about them—is that they’re excellent online communication tools. Visual. Not much text. And probably the best part: people can’t help but look at them and share the ones they like.

Particularly the ones based on the existing and constantly growing collection of familiar meme designs. As opposed to the ones you try to create on your own which, quite frankly, are usually misses and ignored. Better to use tried and tested designs, I say, with a flow and message format that folks are already very familiar with.

Want to create your own? I’ve already written about the Imgur Meme Generator, and it’s a good tool. But I actually may prefer today’s resource for doing really quick-and-dirty memes with existing popular designs.

It’s got a huge library of very familiar (and popular) meme designs. Just choose one from a menu. Play with it, and you’ll see it’s really difficult to screw it up, too: just enter your text into what I call no-brainer form fields. The text wraps automatically for its allotted space; font sizes even adjust automatically.

No signups—just go and start creating—but there’s also no save feature. Considering how little text is involved, however, it’s easy enough to save what you’ve written to a text file and recreate a meme if you want to do edits later on. As for the actual meme graphic you’ve generated, it’s like any other basic image on the Web—right-click on it and save it to your computer.

That thumbnail above is the test meme I created really quickly off the top of my head. Just pretend it’s funny. Click on it to see it full-sized on a separate tab.

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