The problem with some social media profiles (or anywhere else where you can display one) is they often give you just one single field to enter a link or URL. The intent, of course, is for you to enter your website. But what if you want to feature multiple sites, or various parts of your site or other links (such as to other social media accounts)? With Linktree, that’s simple enough to fix.

Linktree lets you create a page with a menu of links you enter. That’s it. Looks like there’s practically no limit to how many links you can enter, but really folks, keep it simple.

So, instead of entering your website URL in your profile (which typically can be confusing for first-time visitors trying to figure out where on the site you want them to go), just enter that Linktree page of yours, like this one I whipped out quickly for Wordpreneur:

You can easily add/edit/delete any links as needed. Choose one of their standard looks, or a premium theme if you’re so inclined. I’m happy with their standard stuff. Looks OK on the desktop, and pretty darned good on mobile!


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