Line Graph Maker

Need a quick and easy way to create a graph or chart to include with your article, blog post, report, etc.? Line Graph Maker’s your free go to tool.

Its name is misleading. It also does bar graphs, and a variety of charts (pie, donut, scatter, and radar) with equal ease.

And ease is key. No need to get and boot up some overpriced graphing application afflicted with featuritis and basic functions you need to keep relearning those few and far between times you actually use it.

Just go to the site, choose the kind of graph/chart you want, and enter the data. It’s got a few other options, but really, if you don’t know what some field wants, ignore it—the base output’s plenty satisfactory. It automatically shows you the graph/chart as you enter the data, and when you’re done, just download it in PNG or JPG format. Simple!

Here’s a test bar graph I created with zero options except for the basics (data and labels). Book marketing info potential, this graph; click on it to see it full-sized on a separate tab. I took the top 10 bestselling books overall on Amazon at the moment, and graphed the number of online reviews each has. As you can see, some of the titles have practically no reviews, so obviously, there’s way more at play than “get lots of reviews” to get a bunch of sales. (I’ve added links to the titles at the bottom of the graph, for those of you who want to check them out.)

Top 10 Bestselling Books in Graph
  1. It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny [children’s]
  2. Atomic Habits [self-help]
  3. The Flames of Hope (Wings of Fire, Book 15) [children’s fantasy]
  4. The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak [religious]
  5. It Ends with Us [contemporary fiction]
  6. Half Baked Harvest Every Day [cookbook]
  7. Hippity, Hoppity, Little Bunny [children’s]
  8. Where the Crawdads Sing [literary fiction]
  9. Verity [thriller & suspense]
  10. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo [romance]
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